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for the second consecutive 12 months, daan huizing will have a 1 stroke direct into the ultimate spherical from the hauts de france – pas de calais golf open up.

› [ C/U ] one thing needing great mental or Actual physical energy in order to be accomplished successfully, or the problem of struggling with this kind of work:

.. idiom oppugn qualm reserve sceptic sceptically scepticism self-doubt skeptical odor a rat idiom suspicion suspicious suss See much more final results »

challenge - questioning a statement and demanding a proof; "his challenge of the idea that Japan remains our enemy"

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Suspecting & questioning simply call phone into concern idiom cynical dispute doubt doubting Thomas fisking I'd choose to see.

1. to check with (a person) to take part in a very contest. He challenged his brother into a round of golfing. uitdaag يَدْعو للمُبارَزَه، يَتَحَدّى предизвиквам desafiar vyzvat herausfordern udfordre προκαλώdesafiar, retar välja kutsuma به مبارزه طلبیدن haastaa défier לְהַזמִין לְהִתמוֹדדוּת चुनौती देना zvati, izazvati kihív menantang skora á sfidare 挑戦する (누구에게 경기 참가를) 권하다 iškviesti izaicināt cabar uitdagenutfordre rzucać wyzwanie دمسابقى دپاره بلنه او عام اعتراض: په سابقه يا جګړه فيصله كول: دايراد نيول: مساپقې ته را بلنه: استثنا قايلېدل: اعتراض كول desafiar a provoca вызвать на состязание vyzvať izzvati izazvati utmana ท้าทาย yarışmaya davet etmek, meydan okumak 向.

Though Van Horn did not comprehend it, at this challenge he professional the hair-pricking sensations in his scalp that Jerry expert when he bristled his again.

It’s quick ample to crank out school graduates, but an excellent education should really really challenge them.

2. the act of questioning somebody's ideal, an announcement and so on. uitdaging تَحَدٍّ، طَعْنٌ في صَلاحِيَّة съмнение contestação pochybování der Widerspruch anfægtelse; dragen i tvivl; protest αμφισβήτησηrecusación vaidlustamine مورد تردید قرار دهی kyseenalaistaminen mise en problem קְרִיאַת תִּיגָר टोकना dovoditi u pitanje kétségbevonás mempertanyakan véfenging (il mettere in dubbio) 異議の申し立て (권리, 진술에 대한) 도전 protestas, iššūkis apstrīdēšana mempersoal vraag om uitleg innsigelse, innvending, protestsprzeciw د يو څا حق تر پوښتنى لاندى وړل contestação punere sub semnul întrebării оспаривание spochybnenie kritika; spodbijanje osporavanje bestridande, protest การเรียกร้อง Pranking video araştırma, sorma 質問 оспорювання کسی کے حق پرسوا ل اٹھانا ، بیان sự thẩm tra 质问

Suspecting & questioning connect with connect with into issue idiom cynical dispute question doubting Thomas fisking I might like to see.

› [ C ] an act of asking regardless of whether a little something is real or legal, or whether somebody has the authority or correct to complete something:

Then he will have to increase and challenge all or any to come back forward and do battle with him to gain the axe and come to be Main in his spot.

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